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=Update [3.3] – Tweaks to Setup from Dec. Patch=

  • 3.2 – Re-calculation of stats with new build (15/0/25/20/10) reason: perma swiftness and DS bolstering w/ +10% crit damage to compliment staff swapping in DS for high hits. recorded 3400’s with DS1 crits
  • 3.3 – Replaced Warhorn with Focus, changed trait setup to reflect changes, dropped perma swiftness in favor of other traits. Updated list to include which crests/sigils im using, and noted Bloodlust. Removed Shukov’s launch codes due to not being a viable way to obtain earrings, recalculated stat spread properly to reflect the changes.

Royal Signet of Doric
Lost Seal of Usoku
Koss on Koss
Emerald Pendant
Invader’s Earrings
Sorrows Embrace/ Ascalonian Catacombs/ Invaders/ HotW gear
Invader Weapons (Or PTV Fractal Weapons if they come out )/ SE/hotw/AC weapons

  • Ideal setup: Invader Dagger/ Focus + Invader Staff for skins.

slotted upgrades
All Crests of the Soldier x14 (weapons, armor, accessories) unless user decides to use sigil of blooslust in MH dagger.

Wells, and 3rd slot open for a non-well utility. I use the new locust sig for running but i swap it for Spectral Walk in most cases. This relieves the now gimp warhorn and saves 10 points from the old soul reaping lineup.

SSS weaponsmith consume buff: “Superior Sharpening Stone: Gain power equal to 6% of your toughness; Gain power equal to 4% of your vitality”

And either of these two (these do not stack with each other):
1. Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes: +100 power, +70 vitality, +10 Experience from kills
2. Loaf of Omnomberry Bread: +100 vitality, +70 toughness, +10 Experience from kills

Total Stat Spread:
+2355 power
+2153 Toughness ”
+2153 Vitality ”

Boil down:
2355 power + 1111 staff attack rating = 3466 Attack Rating (unbuffed)
2153 Toughness + 920 Graytyped Defense from Armor = 3073 Armor(unbuffed)
Base HP + (2153-916) = 18,372 base HP+ 1187 vitality = 30,242 HP (unbuffed)

with buffs:
SSS power= (2153 × 0.06) + (2153 × 0.04) = 129.18 + 86.12 = +215 Power
+ Steak Fries (100 power 70 vit) = +315 power
+Omnom Bread (100 vit 70 toughness) = +1000 hp and 70 armor

  • Buffed final Power and rating: 2,570 power / 3,781 Attack Rating (w/ Fries)
    • Buffed optional final HP and Armor: 31,242 HP 3143 Armor

I would like to give special thanks to the necromancer community and Glock for giving insight and changes/advice on new items, different bugs, and things i did not catch in the initial version of this post.

Hi! Welcome to the Juggermancer. For many of those who do not want to read the following posts to this thread asking about the viability of this build in _______ area of the game, I will highlight the strong points of the build.

  • Incredible Tanking ability in Dungeons, PvE, and WvW
  • Ridiculously high Attack Rating and Power base, no need for crit stacking
  • Utilizes the best gear in game
  • Minimizes the weaknesses inherent in the Necromancer Class
  • Is a duelist/holdout build that relies on player placement and skill to win, not combos
    • note: Strongest play comes from these areas (in order) : WvW, Dungeons, PvE, tPvP
      • note: This build requires more condition damage for sPvP or pug tPvP. Please refer to a critmancer rampager build or bunker/cond build for heavy PvP play.
  • Always last man standing (Improves Deathshroud through the roof) Even above tank warriors and Staff Guardians

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